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Action Sport is more than just a trend, it is an expression of a sustainable change in the global world of sports. Variety, individuality and fitness and a hint of thill are what people expect from modern sports and action sports satisfies this phenomenon to the full extend.

The “Alliance Action Sport” embodies the monetarization of this global movement. We represent a network of successful companies and experts that have not only made it their business to operate profitably in the field of action sports, but to also propagate the positive effects of these sports worldwide. We are fascinated by action sports and what they can do for our society and want our customers as well as all athletes worldwide to benefit from them equally.


for cities

Cities and communities are under pressure to offer their residents an attractive range of physical activities despite scarce financial resources. A task that can often feel like walking a tightrope due to the different areas of tension in the public space. One of our main focus is to support cities and communities in their challenges regarding the promotion of health and physical activity with suitable sporting facilities.

Thanks to the broad variety of action sports, each community can find a sporting facility that perfectly suits its needs. The individuality of action sports also applies to the design of the facilities. We offer unique sporting facilities which are however designed to meet the general requirements of cities and communities. Freedom from maintenance, protection against vandalism, the avoidance of personnel for the operation, as well as the non-profit philosophy are always basic prerequisites. In addition, there is the great social added value our action sport infrastructures provide to the public space. We offer alternatives to the well-known basketball court which not only attract a larger group of users but also offer a clear social return.

for business

Action sports used to be mistakenly referred to as trend sports. Action sports are firmly anchored in society by now and have already established themselves as a sporting body at the Olympic Games through free skiing, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. However, action sports remain to be a trend especially in the Asian countries where a significant increase in user groups can be expected in the long run.

One can work well with such an outlook. We offer them well thought-out business models and operating concepts for action sports. This enables investors or private companies to combine the positive impacts of action sports with economic profitability. In cooperation with you, we develop sophisticated action sport infrastructures for a fast-growing market.

Social Value Investments

Integration, promotion of health and movement, personal development and new trends in mobility, are just a few of the positive effects that action sports offer. A social added value that can be used not only economically, but also within the framework of large-scale corporate PR.

Action sport infrastructures work perfectly as a sustainable image investment. Within a calculable budget, companies can easily return a social added value to employees and the general public in the long term.

A measure that leaves a positive impression on young people in particular. We are happy to help you make a PR investment with a high social return.


The faces behind the “Alliance Action Sport” are:

Dirk Scheumann

As a former freeski professional, Dirk Scheumann already identified the potential of action sports during his career in the late 1990s, but also the great demand for appropriate infrastructures. In 1999, he founded “Schneestern GmbH & Co‘ KG” out of this personally motivated need. The company allowed him to combine his passion for action sports with his know-how as a construction technician. The idea and the company fell on fertile ground allowing Schneestern to grow into a global service provider for the construction and planning of action sport infrastructures. Over the last 20 years, Dirk Scheumann has actively promoted this development as a visionary and consultant for action sports. In the meantime, the company’s business has evolved. Schneestern now manages projects in the areas of biking, skateboarding, wakeboarding and winter sports.

Work History

• CEO & technician consultant for action
and fun infrastructures
• FIS consultant for Big Air and Slopestyle since 2013
• Consultant for redevelopment & prototyping of
PistenBully Snowcats
• Instructor for Slopestyle & Big Air
design / PM since 2007
• Site engineer
• Carpenter
• Freeski Professional

Projects & Milestones

• Design, planning & build-up of action sport projects for a wide range of
clients including:

o Audi: Various Media Projects
o IOC: Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 18
o FIS: Various Slopestyle World- & Europacups
o Red Bull: Athlete & Media Projects
o Nike: Athlete & Media Projects
o X- Games
o Various municipalities in Germany & Austria

• Development & contributions to international
safety standards
• together with BISP & BFU
• Expert for the FIS Course Builder and Designer Clinic in Sterzing

Moritz Grotepass

Even as a teenager it was clear that Moritz Grotepass would not become a professional soccer player. He was much more driven towards action sports, leading a dirt bike squad at the age of 16, building a public dirt park with the support of the community and running a small club house. In addition to dirt and downhill, another hobby was added, wakeboarding. At the age of 22, Moritz started his own business maintaining and repairing wakeboard facilities. Wakeboarding was the focus. Besides the maintenance, the operation and construction of wakeboard facilities were also introduced. Now, he is the founder and part-owner of the companies „Wakeparx GmbH“, „Wake-Concept 360 GmbH“ and „Wake-Base GmbH“. The love and the inclination to action sports are still huge motivations when a hobby turns into a profession.

Work History

• CEO & technician consultant for action and fun infrastructures
• Distribution of fun and action sport gear
• build-up of many Full-size wakeboard
parks worldwide

Projects & Milestones

• Design, planning & build-up of snow and
Wakecable Events:

o YOU Berlin
o SNOW Cable ISPO Munich

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contact – Middle East & Africa

Jamil Nasro
Sales Manager Middle East & Africa

Jamil Nasro was born in Aleppo / Syria. In the early eighties, he immigrated to Paris and then to Germany, looking for opportunities to realize his business dreams. Despite all difficulties, he did beat the odds and became a successful businessman owing to his entrepreneurial thinking and his multicultural background. Growing up between the Middle Eastern and Western „world“ his life in Syria, Turkey, France and Germany and therefore his deep understanding of both cultures earned him the ability to coordinate and facilitate between these societies, on a commercial and as well on a cultural level. Jamil is a martial sports enthusiast and in the late eighties, he had great successes in karate in France. Following his move to Germany, he trained there for several years in self-defense sports until the beginning of the 2000s. In the commercial field, he has managed several projects with great success between Germany, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Work History

• CEO Nasro Global Consulting Limited Company  (since 2018)
• Marketing Manager Tumas Mermer A. S. (since 2015)
• Marketing Manager Fimar Holding (since 2011)
• Project Manager Middle East & Africa WAS GmbH (since 2007)
• CEO Nasro Consult e. K (since 2000)
• International business initiation – culture / language – Sport
• Industry businessman


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